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We translate your product idea into software design, then build a product that works right the first time…every time.  

Saving 3x of your budget

Hiring your own engineering team can be a hassle, dealing with taxes and all the headaches that come with it. But with us, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We take care of everything, saving you three times what you’d spend on software development.


We are focusing first on validating you Minimum Viable Business and second building your MVP.

Works at this stage

Our services are tailored the stage of you company and the unique needs of the market.

Time efficiency

Who has the time to handle the technical side while they are building a business?!

Tech translation

I know what I want but have no clue how to translate my idea to a product.

A global network of
hand-picked professionals

Our experts reside in all parts of the world, allowing us to culturally integrate into any type of project. Being globally distributed we can deliver fast and work in the same time zone.

What we do

Product Discovery

Gain a deep understanding of the target audience and their needs, as well as the competitive landscape, to ensure that the final product is not only viable, but also desirable and feasible.

Product Development

We help you to build high-quality products that meet the need of your target audience and stay competitive, grow your business and be innovative.

Innovation service

Do you want to be outstanding? We will help you to create the products of the future.
Even Elon Musk will be surprised.


Let’s build great things together. Book a meeting with us and let’s see how we can help you.


Startups & organisations


Faster than hiring
in-house team




satisfaction rate

How it works

Needs assessment

We’re founders too, so we get it. Let’s meet and brainstorm your ideas.

Product discovery

Dive into the back end of what you have or draft something new.


Here is where the alchemy part is starting. Product design and product development process.

Delivery & support

Your product is good to go and we are happy  to assist you on the way.

End-to-end solutions

We make it easy to get your product to market quickly and efficiently.

Our end-to-end solutions provide our customers with a one-stop-shop for all their product development needs


Our customers rely on us to deliver the best solution in the galaxy.


Up to 20 hours

55 eur
per hour

Any project that requires up to 20 hours

Up to 100 hours

35 eur
per hour

Any project that requires up to 20 hours

Up to 20 hours


Any project that requires up to 20 hours

* Prices include VAT


Our team specializes in turning product ideas into reality. We begin by conducting thorough market research and concept validation to ensure your idea’s viability. From there, our designers craft detailed prototypes, iterating based on your feedback until we achieve the perfect solution. Our development team then steps in to bring the product to life, focusing on quality, scalability, and user experience.

We work with startup founders who are building from zero to one products and entrepreneurs who are looking for tech solutions or have an idea that want to test. We pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop solutions that meet their specific goals and objectives.

The timeline can vary depending on a variety of factors, including the complexity of the project, the level of collaboration required, and the availability of resources.

The cost varies depending on the scope of the project and the level of collaboration required. We work closely with our clients to establish a budget that meets their needs and provides them with the most value for their investment.

Getting started with our services is easy. Simply contact us to schedule a consultation, and we will work with you to understand your needs and develop a plan for moving forward with your product design and development project.

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